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How to beat the post-holiday blues Last updated at Holidaymakers returning from a sunshine break can now use the new mathematical formula to predict how badly they will be affected so they can decide what steps to take to struggle through. Boffins at Manchester Metropolitan University have constructed an equation to identify the key aspects which contribute to after-holiday misery. The sum looks at individuals’ pattern of holidaying, personality factors such as sociability and aspects of working life.

Participants are asked seven questions and must rate their levels of happiness between 1 and 5 or 1 and 4. Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the lowest level of happiness, people must rate how happy they are in their jobs j , how well they get on with colleagues c , how easily they can relax r and how well they are travelled t.

Then using a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the most negative, they have to judge whether they normally pick the right holidays h , how well they relate to others o and whether gaps between holidays too long b. One in three holiday-makers say the very thought of returning to work makes them feel depressed, so give yourself a day to recover from stressful travelling and get organised before you return.

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Sarah Rogo is a performer, surfer, guitar player and songstress making waves in the music scene. At a young age she has managed to embody the grace and intensity of the old time superstars.

Fake tan, dad dancing and Marty’s party: And, yet, here he is, taking part in a show where people are expected to, um, dance for our pleasure. And, his brain has fallen out with his legs again, his words, not ours. The judges scored ten. And he just kept on going. Because, you know, Rob Heffernan has gone bananas with the fake tan. He stars in pantos. He has fabulous hair.

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Film Why ‘Dirty Dancing’ is more than a teen flick Thirty years after its release, “Dirty Dancing” about a teen summer romance is as popular as ever, with a recent TV remake and sold-out musicals around the world. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the film. Although teen films like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” had been raking in revenues, and “Flashdance” had brought dance moves to the big screen in , studio execs initially considered taking “Dirty Dancing” straight to video.

BBC One offers something of value for everyone with a range of high-quality, popular programming for a modern UK audience. The channel was named Channel of the Year at the Broadcast Awards.

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Workshops are held for those who are entertaining the idea of writing poetry, a novel, or perhaps just a short story, and festival attendees are always treated to fabulous lunches and an opening night gala for the price of a ticket. Even the azaleas turn out in style! March 17 — April 17 Dates:

The lesson schedule is typically blues dancing on Tuesdays, swing on Thursdays and Sundays and tango most Fridays. The lessons are always followed by music and dancing just for the love of it.

In addition to the Space Age eccentricities of Telstar and Waltz in Orbit, also saw the release of this amazing slab of raw soul-funk, Green Onions. The B-side is a decent mellow organ jazz track spiced up with some guitar twang, but it’s the A-side that’s revelatory. Funksters love the raw, fuzzy organ tones, while the Velvet Underground found inspiration in its grungy, no-frills, minimalist groove.

US 3, a re-release of the song in the UK peaked at 7 For some reason, must be the year of the instrumental. What makes The Pound Bee so influential is that it was the first 45 rpm single to feature fuzztone guitar distortion, two years before the Beatles, I Feel Fine and four years before the Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded its first singles. The basic structure of the A-side is one guitar with fuzztone distortion joined by another less distorted electric guitar playing surf rock riffs, while Part 2 on the B-side couples the fuzztone guitar with a drum pattern similar to the Ventures’ biggest hit at the time, Walk Don’t Run.

If you ever see a movie or TV sitcom from the mid s and the director wanted to have a quickie scene with the protagonists in some rock club a-go-go, the music on the soundtrack would sound like the A-side. Or if you ever saw a s era Z-grade biker movie, the music on the soundtrack would sound like the B-side, but with motorcycle sound effects added. Some of the fuzztone may sound kitschy to modern ears, but Pete Townshend was a staunch Ventures fan who credited the band with inspiring much of his feedback-driven guitar work for the early Who.

US 91 B-side , did not chart in the UK The Pound Bee might not be the best instrumental released during , but that’s nothing to be ashamed of, when you’ve got competition like Miserlou and Green Onions. Much like the UK skiffle craze that led to the rise of the Beatles, the US jug band craze convinced many youthful amateurs that they could make authentically rootsy music simply by banging on common household items.

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The term “Swing dancing” is used to refer to one or all of the following swing era dances: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag, Balboa and Blues and extends to include West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Hand Dancing, Jive, Rock and Roll, Modern Jive, and other dances developing in the s and later.

His record label confirmed the star’s passing, revealing that he died ‘suddenly’ on Thursday. It was a privilege to have known and worked with him and our thoughts are with his family and his wife Lee at this sad time. WireImage The singer, songwriter and musician was one of the founding members of the band, and remained with them until when he retired due to ill health. In Ray, who suffered from mobility issues, confirmed that he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but assured fans it was largely treatable.

In a statement he said: I have four close friends who have all endured some kind of surgery or treatment for this cancer and all are doing well.

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The 10 best John Mayer songs By: One of the most distinctive things about him is his outside-the-genre-box approach to songwriting and performing. He excels at ad-libbing during live shows to play mammoth, extended guitar solos that are both colorful and conversational.

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This is the class for you if you have never danced before or if you have done some dancing but have never done a swing dance class. Two primary rhythms are covered in these classes: Charleston both side-by-side and tandem and 6 beat Lindy Hop. Lots of different combinations are covered each week and all taught at a beginner level. With lots of revision and combinations these classes are huge fun. Someone who has never danced before would expect to remain in a beginners class for at least 3 or 4 months.

These classes are all about sharing some fun steps to fabulous music, starting to touch on the skill in controlling your body and the connection with your partner, which can sometimes feel weird and kooky at this stage. In general for these classes you need to know the basic swing rhythms taught in Level 1: These are the classes where you start to really learn and integrate the 8 beat Lindy Hop.

This is the mainstay of material for this level of class, building simple moves, variations and combinations as well as developing your skills of lead-follow and fine tuning body control and technique for the dance. LEVEL 3 There are no technical requirements for this level other than being confident in all your basic swing rhythms, and having a good basic technique.

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Dancing on My Grave: An Autobiography [Gelsey Kirkland] on localhost:81 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An American ballerina presents a story of the high-pressure world of dance which brought the dancer to a nightmare world of illness.

History[ edit ] “Line dancing is most directly descended from the s disco era, when America saw a variety of new dances emerge”, including the Electric Slide , “in this same era, country-and-western line dancing emerged”, including the Walkin’ Wazi and the Cowboy Boogie. Whatever its source, popularity and growth of line dancing has been inextricably tied to country-and-western music. Country music began to appear on the pop charts, and line dancing began to cross boundaries of income, race, age, and gender Now line dancing is considered an art form of its own, with its own terminology and standardized steps.

Many believe that this style of dancing introduced the terms and steps used in country line dancing today. Many believe that American servicemen returning home from war influenced the spread of line dancing after being introduced to traditional European folk dances. As large numbers of youth learned country-western dance, its popularity grew in leisure and social activities.

Line dances were performed to disco-style music. The “San Francisco Stomp” meets the definition of a line dance. The Chicken Dance is an example of a line dance adopted by the Mod revival during the s.

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