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Saturday 26th January – Winter Social. We were lucky to to have dry bright conditions for the weekend and some members took advantage of special rates we had negotiated with the hotel and made a weekend of it. Fred Olsen’s new addition to their fleet, the Balmoral was in port for the weekend before her planned inaugural cruise which was later cancelled due to technical problems. The social kicked off with an enjoyable three course meal followed by a slide show given by Mike Jackson, assisted by Andrew Humphreys. The entertaining and informative slide show covered Mike’s time sailing on tankers from the ‘s onwards. On Sunday, for those members who has stayed overnight, a visit to Dover Coastguard Station was organised by Andrew Humphreys. Dover Harbour with the Churchill Hotel on the seafront on a sunny January day.

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Some modern historians deem his piratical reputation unjust, legends and fiction surround this character, his actual career, however, was punctuated by just a handful of skirmishes. Kidd was born in Dundee, Scotland, ca. A local society supported the Kyd family financially after the death of the father, others still hold the contrary view.

Kidd later settled in the newly anglicized New York City, where he befriended many prominent colonial citizens, some published information suggests that he was a seamans apprentice on a pirate ship during this time, before partaking in his more famous seagoing exploits. There they renamed the ship Blessed William, and Kidd became captain either as a result of election by the crew, or by appointment of Christopher Codrington.

Directly beside St. Petri there is the Hubelhaus dating from the beginning of the 20th century as most buildings around, but looking much older. Behind the Hubelhaus under the building of “Radio Hamburg”, you can visit the remains of the bishops tower, from the 11th century.

Better their hell then, than ours now: As fate would have it, the album was found populating the. Not the first Situation 2 band to suffer this fate, I count The Darkside and Thee Hypnotics among those as facing similar fortunes. Jo in Nine G Hell was produced by Roli Mosimann, who worked with The Swans and Foetus, and the uncompromising nature of the songs were given sonic coherence under his command.

So what are some of the songs on this album worth mentioning? Thinking back to when I first heard this track, I can recall how excited I was. It was the sonic brutality and snide unadorned voice spitting vitriol that managed to hook me.

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Picture by Aad Noorland News continues below Suggestions of an oversupply of ships and hostages comment: In a recently published article BIMCO questioned the value of sailing around the Cape of Good Hope as an alternative to running the gauntlet of Somali pirates and the answer is not necessarily clear cut.

Arctic Institute of North America Digital Library Over photographs dating from the late 19th century through the 20th century. localhost:81 News service from the Barents region provided by Norwegian Broadcasting Corp (NRK), Swedish Radio (SR) and STBC Murman.

Tuniit or Tunit refers to the next inhabitants of central and eastern Arctic. The Dorset culture evolved because of technological and economic changes during the period of — BC. Scientists theorize that there may have been cross-contact of the two cultures with sharing of technology, such as fashioning harpoon heads, or the Thule may have found Dorset remnants and adapted their ways with the predecessor culture.

By , the Inuit , present-day Arctic inhabitants and descendants of Thule culture, had settled in west Greenland, and moved into east Greenland over the following century. The Yupik still refer to themselves as Eskimo , which means “snowshoe netters”, not “raw meat eaters” as it is sometimes mistakenly translated. The Council operates on consensus basis, mostly dealing with environmental treaties and not addressing boundary or resource disputes.

The International Arctic Science Committee , hundreds of scientists and specialists of the Arctic Council , and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council are more examples of collaborative international Arctic research. Territorial claims Main article: Territorial claims in the Arctic No country owns the geographic North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it.

Upon ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea , a country has ten years to make claims to an extended continental shelf beyond its nautical mile zone. The mission was a scientific expedition, but the flag-placing during Arktika generated commentary on and concern for a race for control of the Arctic’s vast hydrocarbon resources.

Petroleum exploration in the Arctic Since , the larger portion of the Asian-side Arctic region has been extensively explored by Soviet and Russian manned drifting ice stations.

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I got lost, rode km instead of the planned km and finished in nine hours. Well, the good thing about riding events in Germany is, that it is so easy to attend them. No hassle to fill out online application forms and transfer money in sealed envelopes with stamps in three locations. The organizing team, the RSC Rot-Gold Bremen is composed of rather middle-age to senior members, similar to the demographic structure of a village in the mountains of Northern Niigata.

Due to Arctic shrinkage, the Beluga group of Bremen, Germany, however, Canadas Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that ships entering the North .

Mackinder, the year was a moment to reflect not just about the turn of the century, but the last years. At the turn of an historical century one is apt to reflect on the past or have apprehensions about the future. In terms of the quote that began this essay, what exactly what was it about the pre-industrial history of Central Asia that made Mackinder regard the prospect of a Trans-Siberian railway system with such apprehension?

The pre-Columbian epoch ends and the Columbian epoch begins around as a result of European oceanic expansion. Nonetheless, let us say that the pre-Columbian epoch ends and the Columbian epoch begins around as a result of European oceanic expansion. The Columbian epoch does not neatly begin in but represents a long period of expansion of the capitalist world economy first within the Mediterranean, then across the Atlantic, and finally to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The spread of Europeans around the world was possible because European societies had mastered the organizational resources and technology to sustain long-distance transoceanic communications. The Columbian epoch was also a period of European discovery and imperial expansion inland from the oceanic littorals.

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A device that has come, gone, and may come again [Cervantes, Quixote, power, propeller, Watt] 30 Colonial America, Humanitarian and Engineer [Stanford, mining, geology] Music-making: Germany’s answer to Leonardo [printing, perspective, geometry, engraving, art, Renaissance] Herbert and Lou Hoover meet Georgius Agricola [Stanford, mining, geology, metallurgy, Renaissance, women] Technological half-truths and technical literacy [heat, thermodynamics] Benjamin Franklin’s experiments in heat transfer [thermodynamics, light, science, radiation] Max Jakob: A great engineering educator.

The man who didn’t invent the flush toilet [valve] Lewis Latimer, a Black pioneer of electric lighting [Edison, Maxim, Bell] Lowell, Massachusetts:

Storming uphill towards L’viv at Sare Celo, a filthy unit of 2M paired with a freshly painted but unfinished unit from 2M leads 2M with the late running train , Ivano-Frankivsk to Mykolayiv on the evening of May the 28th

Dating the Fossil Record Activity. Record the samples in order from bottom to top oldest to youngest in. Write an X in the appropriate column to indicate which fossil or fossils are present in each sample. You have received nine rock samples from a paleontologist in California. Your job is to arrange the. Dating the key fossil record worksheet. Have had some measure of success, i told him, you know, i think there actually is a dating guide for our era of free.

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The Arctic’s climate is characterized by cold winters and cool summers. Precipitation mostly comes in the form of snow. The Arctic’s annual precipitation is low, with most of the area receiving less than 50 centimetres (20 in).

The funding amounts to two million Euros over a five-year period. She applied for the prize, which is endowed with The award is named after Dorothea Erxleben, who in was the first woman in Germany to obtain a doctorate in the field of medicine. Almost all Baltic Sea littoral states are represented in this project, including Russia as the only non-EU state. Several transnational cooperation pilot cases are envisaged in an effort to establish a common standard. Through this initiative, underwater sites can be better protected in the future while synergies with other stakeholders e.

The prize for exceptional, interdisciplinary dissertations is sponsored by Harrassowitz publishers. Doctoral student Stefan Magnussen is about to finish his dissertation and has already taken up a new post: Their aim is to apply a multi-proxy approach, combining biomarkers and biogeochemical proxies to reconstruct marine and terrestrial climate and environmental variables in the Gulf of Corinth. The conference was held in Greifswald from October 26— Carola Metzner-Nebelsick from Munich University gave a laudatory speech.

They presented the following posters:

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It is the country’s biggest port and the second-busiest in Europe, despite being located astride the River Elbe, some kilometres from the North Sea. It is also Germany’s second largest city with a population of over 1. Aerial view of Hamburg Understand Hamburg is a city-state. It values its status as a city, being as independent as possible of other states that have existed or currently exist in Germany.

Sturgeon fishing in the middle and lower Danube region Table 2. ).1 László Bartosiewicz et al. In spite of the difficulties of identification at a species level in this family of fish.

Climate of the Arctic The Arctic’s climate is characterized by cold winters and cool summers. Precipitation mostly comes in the form of snow. High winds often stir up snow, creating the illusion of continuous snowfall. Coastal Arctic climates are moderated by oceanic influences, having generally warmer temperatures and heavier snowfalls than the colder and drier interior areas. The Arctic is affected by current global warming , leading to Arctic shrinkage and Arctic methane release.

There is a large variance in predictions of Arctic sea ice loss, with models showing near-complete to complete loss in September from to some time well beyond About half of the analyzed models show near-complete to complete sea ice loss in September by the year


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